How Do I...


Become A Friends Member


Basic membership fee: $5.00 per person or $10.00 per family

The membership year runs October through September. To join, print and fill out the Membership Form and mail your check payable to Friends of the Massena Public Library to 41 Glenn St, Massena, NY 13662.


Advocacy: A Friends group serves as an informed citizen's lobby that supports the library when necessary.

Fund Raising: A Friends group supplements what cannot be provided by the normal library budget. Fundraisers can be held or friends can play a role in encouraging donations.

Volunteer Work: Friends offer their time and energy for special projects and events like working at the annual book sale or improving the appearance of the library. The Library has for some time provided outreach services to the St. Regis Nursing Home and Laurel Terrace Senior Citizens High Rise. The Friends have extended this program by bringing books to the Highland Nursing Home.

Programming: The Friends group sponsors special programs like hosting a visit by an author or working with the librarian planning a special event.

Public Relations: Friends play a crucial role in promoting the services of the library.

Membership: Members of the Friends group encourage people to become library supporters and eventually members of the Friends organization.

Borrow Items

  1. Library cards are required to borrow materials.
  2. Library cards will be issued to children of any age. However, anyone under the age of 1 must have (1) their parent or legal guardian present while registering, or (2) their registration card signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  3. A valid form of photo ID with current address is required for an adult (16 years of age and older) to receive a library card. If an individual does not have identification with a current address, another document (such as a utility bill) is required to verify the person's address.
  4. Patrons must pick up their own library cards unless they are housebound.
  5. Individuals residing temporarily in the community may receive a card if they present proof of their permanent address. These individuals can borrow only 3 items the first time they borrow materials.
  6. Patrons must use their own cards when checking out materials. Exceptions: (a) Individuals can check out items held on reserve for a patron by using the patron's card. (b) Babysitters, who have written permission from a parent/guardian, may use the parent/guardian's card. (c) Under certain circumstances, cardholders may contact the library and permit others to use their card, such as housebound patrons. (d) If the individual who's card is being used is present at the front desk when materials are being checked out.
  7. Patrons may borrow materials without having their library card if their identity can be verified by a driver's license or other valid form of photo identification.
  8. The first card is free. A $2.00 fee will be charged for lost or damaged cards.

Borrow eBooks

How to Check Out an eBook from the Massena Public Library

  1. If you don't already have one, obtain a Massena Public Library card. You can do this in person at the library located at 41 Glenn Street, Massena, NY.
  2. Access the eMedia Library by clicking on the OverDrive button on the library's homepage.
  3. Click on the Sign In link on the taskbar near the top of the page.
  4. Enter the MPL account number located underneath the barcode on your library card. Your PIN number should be the last four digits of the phone number you used to create your MPL account. You may need to call the library at (315) 769-9914 to activate your PIN.
  5. You should now be on the Overdrive website where you can browse under the eBook links in the left margin for what you want to check out.
  6. Once you find a title in which you are interested, verify that it is available in the format you need. There are three choices:
    • Kindle - for any Amazon device or prouct. Software to read this format should already be installed on your Kindle. You must have created an active Amazon account at in order to check out eBooks.
    • Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF - for use on all other eReaders (Nooks, Sony eReader, Kobo, etc.) or directly from your computer screen.
      • To use this format, you will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your Windows computer. Adobe Digital Editions can be found in the lower right corner of the eMedia Library website.
  7. You may then either place a hold/request (if there are no available copies) or add it to your eCart. Please note that you will be advised by email when a title put on hold becomes available for checkout.
  8. Once an item has been added to your eCart, click on either Continue Browsing or Proceed to Checkout.
  9. If proceeding to checkout, review your checkout choices (titles, length of checkout, etc.) and click Confirm Checkout.
  10. The following page will have a link, either Get for Kindle or Download. The Kindle link will take you to your Amazon account where you can download the eBook to your Kindle. The download link will allow you to download the eBook to your computer or eReader via USB cable.

Reserve a Meeting Room

The Library currently has one room, located on the lower level, available for public use. The room has a sink for arts & crafts.

Please note that meetings are subject to interuption, as staff members may need to access periodicals and other material stored in this room.


Use of the meeting room is reserved for non-profit organizations, or job training and continuing education classes. Any group wishing to use the meeting room on a continual basis (6 months or more) should submit a request to the Library Director including proposed dates and times.

Reserve Items

To Reserve Materials from Home

  1. Click on the Catalog tab.
  2. Enter your library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number) in the top, right corner; Then click Login. Please Note: First time users may need to contact the library to avtivate the PIN number.
  3. In the search box, type your request for a subject, title, series, or author, then click the corresponding button.
  4. Choose a book or other type of material or other type of material, or leave "ANY" as default.
  5. From the list, click on the item which you would like to place a hold.
  6. Click PLACE HOLD in the box on the left.
  7. Confirm pick-up library (in most cases it will be Massena)
  8. Click OK

Note: Do not place a hold on an item marked "NEW" from another library, as their patrons have first "dibs" and the wait will be lengthy.